What We Do

Our Mission

Bringing the multicultural, creative spirit of Keats into children’s lives and literature

  • supporting arts and literacy programs in public schools and libraries
  • celebrating new writers and illustrators of exceptional picture books for a diverse audience of children
  • preserving Keats’s work and extending his legacy

Ezra Jack Keats Award

Awarded annually to an early career writer and illustrator of outstanding children’s books that reflect our diverse population and culture.

Ezra Jack Keats Bookmaking Competition

Inspiring students on all skill levels, in grades 3-12, to write and illustrate stunning picture books that make them proud for a lifetime.

Partner Programs & Awards

We’re proud to partner with the following institutions to support the next generation of diverse artists, writers and scholars.

The School Art League/Ezra Jack Keats/Children’s Book Illustration Award. Two awards given to graduating high school seniors from underserved communities who are continuing their art education with a focus on illustration.

Art Students League/Ezra Jack Keats Grant for Children’s Book Illustration. Two grants for artists from minority communities who are focusing on children’s book illustration and in need of training at a reasonable cost, after college or while working to support themselves.

SCBWI/Ezra Jack Keats BIPOC Showcase Prize for Illustration (scbwi). One prize to be given to a yet to be published illustrator from the BIPOC community at the summer portfolio show in L.A. We intend to establish a second such prize to be given at the SCBWI NYC winter portfolio show in 2022.

Ezra Jack Keats Story and Craft, at the Brooklyn Public Library’s Central Branch and Arlington Branch

Ezra Jack Keats/Janina Domanska Fellowship, at the de Grummond Children’s Literature Collection, University of Southern Mississippi

Ezra Jack Keats/Kerlan Memorial Fellowship, at the Kerlan Collection, University of Minnesota