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EJK Award Books in Your Classroom

Get support for lessons about subjects like Bullies, Strong Girls and Community. These virtual & in-person toolkits bring the learning to life with exciting and relevant books.

Themed Book Discussion Guides

Read Aloud Tips

Keats in Your Classroom

Everything you need for a lesson or project inspired by  Ezra’s  books or for an author study about Ezra himself.

Keats Books

Keats Author Study

Ezra’s Bio for Kids

EJK Student Bookmaking

If you want your reluctant readers to fall in love with books, or  your motivated readers to love books even more, have them make one! This model program can be replicated anywhere, in a class, a grade level, school, district or city.

EJK Bookmaking Competition

Mock EJK Award

Bring an exciting group activity into your classroom and enjoy watching your students discuss, evaluate and together choose the books that should win their award.

Mock EJK Award Toolkits