Ezra’s Books: Clementina’s Cactus

Clementina’s Cactus

Viking, 1982

Near their home in the desert Clementina and her father find a lonely, prickly cactus. Clementina is fascinated by the little plant, but the threat of rain forces her and her dad to head home. During the night there is a terrible storm, but when the sun returns, Clementina searches for the cactus and discovers a spectacular surprise. The stunning artwork in this wordless book provides a rich field for imaginative reading.

Out of Print – but worth pursuing for kids who love hearing the story through pictures.

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Clementina’s Cactus Read Aloud

This wordless book inspired Martin Pope, Ezra’s best friend, to create a captivating story based on the stunning illustrations. The text, which blends seamlessly with the pictures, is only available if you watch the Clementina’s Cactus Read Aloud. We think you’ll agree that it seems the story has always been there.

Watch a Cactus Bloom

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