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Space was the place in 1981, the year that Regards to the Man in the Moon was published. While the Star Wars movies made space travel America’s favorite fantasy, the new Space Shuttle program made it a reality. Even without Han Solo, the astronauts made history! In 1983 alone, Sally Ride, a 29-year-old physicist, became the first American woman and youngest person in space, and Challenger engineer Guion (Guy) Bluford was the first African-American in space.

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Guy Bluford is a veteran of four Space Shuttle missions
Sally Ride co-authored five books on science for young readers.
Sally Ride co-authored five books on science for young readers

Link About It

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Junk & Imagination

Dr. Martin Pope remembers the making of Regards to the Man in the Moon


Trash or Treasure?

Regards Junk yardLouie’s father Barney says that what people call “junk” plus a little imagination “can take you right out of this world.” Can you match some of the objects from “back then” with what they might look like today? (Find the answers at the bottom of the page.)

Back Then

1.images 2.antiqueclock 3.yard-washingmachine 4.antique_phone1 5.Wagon_Wheel_4ae7cfac57173

Today wheel b.ihome-iphone-ipod-dock c.droid d. zanussi-washing-machines e.540pixel87clock



1.b. Phonograph, circa 1906 / iHome with iPod
2.e. Clock with Roman numerals / digital clock
3.d. Wringer washing machine / front-load model
4.c. Telephone, circa 1920s / smartphone
5.a. Wagon wheel / automobile tire

Fun Fact

Louie’s spaceship, Imagination I, may be fueled by fantasy, but Ezra wanted his illustrations of space to look as realistic as possible. So he consulted a renowned scientist, Martin Pope, who happened to be his best friend. Martin remembers Ezra in the video Junk & Imagination, on this page.