WH-SF-bookmakingBookmaking by the Bay

See the winning books of the third annual EJK Bookmaking Competition in San Francisco, and the winning kids who participated! Like its New York City counterpart, the competition brings together city-wide institutions—museums, libraries and schools—to show off the city’s children to their best advantage.

ba-peterschair-190Book Activities & More

Peter is not happy—there’s a new baby in the house whose very existence is disrupting his life. How he comes to terms with this unwanted development is the story of Peter’s Chair, told and illustrated with sympathy and humor. Plus: Tots and their babies, designing chairs, and why pink and blue are baby colors.

Lola-WHThe Subject is Siblings

Check out our picks of picture books that sisters and brothers should read—about their love, their strife and their peaceful coexistence.

Mini-Grant Moment

Taking advantage of available resources was a great place to start for one hands-on librarian. Working closely with a neighborhood school and a local artist-musician, she created a stellar community arts program for special-needs children. Then all it took was a group of excited kids to make it a success.