About the Competition

Did you know that over the past 25 years, New York City public schoolchildren have written and illustrated enough books to fill a small library? These are no ordinary books: they are all made by hand and cover a wide range subjects and genres. The best reach heights of artistry and imagination that leave readers awestruck, or laughing, or crying, depending on the author’s intention. Read more

The Value of Bookmaking (video)

New York City students, teachers and administrators talk about the impact that the EJK Bookmaking Competition has had on their schools, their jobs and their dreams.


The Many Rewards of Bookmaking, by Lillie Pope

blue dog crop3Learn more about the Bookmaking Competition from the Education Director of the EJK Foundation,who explains why this initiative is “a dramatic demonstration of the effectiveness of an arts-in-education program.”
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How to Apply

NYC DOE guidelines
Contact us to initiate an EJK Bookmaking Competition in your area


Award Winners


2014 Bookmaking Awards
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2014 Winners List
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Bookmaking West

We’re thrilled at the success of San Francisco’s EJK Bookmaking Competition—take a look!
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Bookmaking 101







Ideas and inspirations for writing, illustrating and constructing a handmade book, at home or in the classroom. Read more