Ezra Jack Keats Book Award Honor Books


  • New Writer Honor

    Rachael Cole
    City Moon
    Illustrated by Blanca Gómez

    On a fall evening, a boy and his mother go for a walk. While others hurry by, they look up at the moon. Sharing an everyday experience, just the two of you, makes it magical.

  • New Writer Honor

    Jessixa Bagley
    Laundry Day
    Illustrated by Jessixa Bagley

    In this diverting tale, a pair of badgers, Tic and Tac, are bored, so they decide to help their mother hang laundry. The trouble is, the brothers insist on doing it their way.

  • New Writer Honor

    Elaine Magliaro
    Things to Do
    Illustrated by Catia Chien

    A poetic take on the world and the important things in it, from the sun and moon to a pink eraser, as experienced through a child’s eyes and imagination.

  • New Illustrator Honor

    Gordon C. James
    Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut
    Written by Derrick Barnes

    In a tribute both stylish and timeless, the exuberant text and vivid illustrations celebrate a cultural institution for African-American men and boys: the barber shop.

  • New Illustrator Honor

    Bianca Diaz
    The One Day House
    Written by Julia Durango

    Young Wilson dreams of repairing his grandmother’s home “one day.” But when their neighbors decide to help out, “one day” becomes today and a neighborhood becomes a caring community.

  • New Illustrator Honor

    E.B. Goodale
    Written by Julia Denos

    A boy takes his dog for a walk at dusk. In the lighted windows they pass, he can see what’s going on inside. You can learn a lot about people when looking in from outside, and from being welcomed home.

  • New Writer Honor

    New Illustrator Honor

    Bao Phi / Thi Bui
    A Different Pond

    A boy’s simple narration of a pre-dawn fishing trip with his father offers a glimpse into the lives of his Vietnamese family in America—of hard-working parents struggling to provide and a boy trying to understand.

  • New Writer Honor

    New Illustrator Honor

    Francesca Sanna
    The Journey
    A boy recounts his family's travels from their war-torn home to someplace that will take them in. Gentle storytelling and beautiful illustrations help make this difficult subject relatable and hopeful.
  • New Writer Honor

    Stacy McAnulty
    Excellent Ed
    This amusing tale asks searching questions about fitting in and being appreciated, but what keeps the story lighthearted is that it’s told from the perspective of Ed, the family dog.
  • New Illustrator Honor

    Daisy Hirst
    The Girl with the Parrot on Her Head
    After her best friend moves away Isabel tries to move on, but keeping loneliness at bay seems to require a wild imagination and zany humor.
  • New Writer Honor

    Megan Dowd Lambert
    A Crow of His Own
    A new rooster takes over for a farm favorite, and stumbles while trying to impress. Finding his voice will be something to crow about!
  • New Writer Honor

    Julia Sarcone-Roach
    The Bear Ate Your Sandwich
    How did the sandwich disappear? It’s a funny story, with a twist you won’t see coming.
  • New Illustrator Honor

    Ryan T. Higgins
    Mother Bruce
    A grumpy bear finds himself imprinted as the “mother” of four just-hatched baby geese. Now he’s stuck with them for life. Can he help his fledglings fly away?
  • New Illustrator Honor

    Rowboat Watkins
    Rude Cakes
    Welcome to a topsy-turvy world where cakes have bad manners and monsters have good ones. This tale is bratty, zany and unexpectedly sweet.
  • New Writer Honor

    Adam Auerbach
    Edda: A Little Valkyrie’s First Day of School
    On the first day of kindergarten, a Valkyrie from Aasgard has trouble adjusting to human rules. Can she learn to make friends? 
  • New Writer Honor

    Alan Rabinowitz
    A Boy and a Jaguar
    How struggling with a stutter helped an animal-loving boy find his voice as a wildlife conservationist.
  • New Writer Honor

    Misty Copeland
    Poetically, a prima ballerina shows young dancers how to take on, and be transformed by, great ballet roles.
  • New Illustrator Honor

    Evan Turk
    Grandfather Gandhi
    The 12-year-old grandson of a hero to millions fears that he can't measure up.
  • New Illustrator Honor

    Mike Curato
    Little Elliot, Big City
    The adventures of Elliot, a small, polka-dotted elephant—from Brooklyn!
  • New Writer Honor

    Pat Zietlow Miller
    Sophie’s Squash
    Sophie loves her best friend, Bernice—a squash! Nothing could make her give Bernice up, not even when it begins to rot. But as she discovers, caring for a squash pays off in the end.
  • New Writer Honor

    Linda Davick
    I Love You, Nose! I Love You, Toes!
    A charming celebration of body and its parts—we all have them, yet they make each of us unique.
  • New Illustrator Honor

    K.G. Campbell
    Tea Party Rules
    Can a cookie-loving bear cub be friends with a girl who likes to make all the rules? It takes some doing in this sweetly funny story with a subversive twist.
  • New Illustrator Honor

    Aaron Meshon
    Take Me Out to the Yakyu
    A boy attends baseball games with one grandfather in America and one in Japan. Different languages, same “wonderful day.”
  • New Illustrator Honor

    Marta Altés
    My Grandpa
    The special relationship between grandfather and grandchild is made all the more poignant by the child’s loving acceptance of the old man’s fading faculties.
  • New Writer Honor

    Mara Rockliff
    My Heart Will Not Sit Down
    A young girl in Cameroon learns about people going hungry in her teacher’s village—New York—because of the Depression. How her village tries to help is based on true events.
  • New Writer Honor

    Jennifer Lanthier
    The Stamp Collector
    The lives of a boy who loves stamps and a boy who loves books connect fatefully in a universal tale of oppression and hope, inspired by true events.
  • New Writer Honor

    Don Tate
    It Jes’ Happened
    Bill Traylor, a former slave, became a self-taught artist at 85. His simple, powerful drawings survived thanks to an admiring young artist, who made sure the world took notice.
  • New Illustrator Honor

    K.G. Campbell
    Lester’s Dreadful Sweaters
    Lester is a neat, meticulous boy with an elderly cousin who knits him horrible, outlandish sweaters faster than he can ruin them. Then he meets a troupe of clowns...problem solved!
  • New Illustrator Honor

    Sanjay Patel
    Ganesha’s Sweet Tooth
    In this playful tale from Hindu mythology, the elephant-headed god Ganesha loves candy and has a friend named Mr. Mouse—yet somehow he manages to write the epic poem the Mahabarata.
  • New Writer Honor

    Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw
    Same, Same but Different
    Elliott, an American schoolboy, is a pen pal of Kailash, in India. Through their drawings and letters, these best friends share the similarities and differences of their worlds.
  • New Writer Honor

    Nicola Winstanley
    Cinnamon Baby
    Marian, a gifted bread baker, marries and has a baby. After trying to calm her crying child for days, she uses her special skills to make everyone happy, including baby.
  • New Writer Honor

    New Illustrator Honor

    Anna Witte (writer) and Micha Archer (illustrator)
    Lola’s Fandango
    Feeling outclassed by her big sister, Lola learns to dance flamenco to surprise her mother on her birthday. A musical CD of the book is included.
  • New Illustrator Honor

    David Ercolini
    Not Inside this House!
    In a rhyming book by Kevin Lewis, a boy explorer brings home increasingly larger animals—from an insect to a whale!—much to his mother’s dismay.