City-wide Winners

Surviving Hurricane Sandy, written and illustrated by Ellie Hui, co-illustrated by Vincent Chen (grade 3), P.S./I.S. 229, The Dyker School, Brooklyn
We Are Not Alone, by Amelia Samoylov (grade 6), The Bay Academy for the Arts and Sciences, Brooklyn
Shell, by Helen Lin (grade 11), Stuyvesant High School, Manhattan

Borough-wide Winners


A Bronx Diwali, by Kareena Mohan (grade 3), P.S. 189, Cornerstone Academy for Social Action
A Knock on the Door, by Ethan Collazo, illustrated by Maximus Ayala (grade 5), P17X@43 (District 75)
Trickle of Faith, by Isaiah Roebuck (grade 12), East River Academy (District 79)

2013 bm_winnersBrooklyn

One of a Kind, by Drilona Vata and Kristy Lee (grade 4), P.S. 200, Benson Elementary School
The Diary of an Astronaut, by Jami Geye (grade 8), P.S. 77 (District 75)
Pokey the Penguin, by Helaina Ferraioli (grade 8), M.S. 51, William Alexander Middle School


Ella’s Struggle for Equality, by Azriela Rodriguez and Jazmin Kamali (grade 5), Ella Baker School
The Reality, by Ashley Yan (grade 8), M.S. 131, Dr. Sun Yat Sen School
Speedy the Sperm Cell, by Victor Estevez (grade 7), Tompkins Square Middle School
Bedtime, by Ashetin Aurich (grade 11), High School of Art and Design
My Superdog Shorty, by Elisa Teodoro (grade 11), LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts
What is Art? by Evelin Muñoz (grade 12), High School for Arts, Imagination, and Inquiry


Bones Can Find It, by Ciara Sweeney (grade 5), P.S. 193, Alfred J. Kennedy School
The Little Book of Heroines, by Laura Annick-Javier (grade 8), J.H.S. 190, Russell Sage School
Blue, by Rintaro Mori (grade 11), P233@QMHS, Queens Metropolitan High School (District 75)
Monster Under the Bed, by Kerny Barbot and Daniel Gooden, illustrated by Kerny Barbot (grade 12), High School for Law Enforcement and Public Safety

Staten Island

A Miracle in the Pond, by Fabia Mahmud (grade 5), P.S. 69, Daniel Tompkins School
The Dauntless Spirit, by Christin Karam (grade 8), I.S. 75, Frank D. Paulo Intermediate School
Captain Tynan and His Crew of Terribles, by Katarzyna Nowak (grade 12), Tottenville High School


Honorable Mentions

Grades 3-5
Amazing Arctic Foxes, by Maisha Nabila, P.S. 108, Captain Vincent G. Fowler School, Queens
Bear, by Talia Kampton, P.S.144, Col. Jeromus Remsen School, Queens
Being The Oldest Means You SWEAT, by Aissatou Diallo, P.S. 399,  Stanley Eugene Clark School, Brooklyn
The Big Brown Leather Bag, by Quinn Seger and Alexandra Maropakis, P.S. 170, Ralph A. Fabrizio School, Brooklyn
Coral Underwater, by Molly Oates and Mathew Gonzalez, P.S. 173, Manhattan
For the Birds, by Sophie Katsivelos, P.S./I.S. 187, Hudson Cliffs School, Manhattan
The Halloween Scare, by Zuriel Enoe and Alexis McDowall, P.S. 208, Elsa Ebeling School, Brooklyn
The Life of Frank Lloyd Wright, by Gjonzef Pllumaj, P.S. 54, Fordham Bedford Academy, Bronx
The Magic Clover, by Julianna Aquilone, P.S. 42, The Eltingville School, Staten Island
One Brave Mouse and a Mean Cat King, by Alexander Camaev and Tze-Bohn Ling, P.S. 212, Lady Deborah Moody School, Staten Island
Salt and Pepper Find Love in New York City, by John Raimonda, P.S. 23, The Richmondtown School, Staten Island
Stella’s Window, by Miriam Aziz, P.S. 50, Frank Hankinson School, Staten Island


Grades 6-8
The Bee in NYC, by Laura Sobota, I.S. 201, The Dyker Heights School, Brooklyn
The Cookie Kings, by Jasmine Morgan and Glenn Kazzrine Villanueva, I.S. 78, Roy H. Mann Educational Complex, Brooklyn
If I Could Choose Any Animal in the World To Be Mine, by Joshua Frometa, P723@189 (District 75), Bronx
Miles the Curious and Courageous Fox, by Gabriel Rodriguez and Charlie Baez, P.S./M.S. 278, Paula Hedbavny School, Manhattan
My Brother is an Alien! by Adham Ahmed, I.S. 49, Berta A. Dreyfus Intermediate School, Staten Island
Oz’s Cookies, by Ivy Bi, I.S. 237, Rachel Carson Intermediate School, Queens
Rockaway Resilient and Scholars’ Strong, by 6th Grade Class, Scholars’ Academy, Queens
The Stormy Story, by Gabrielle Mompalao, I.S.141, The Steinway School, Queens
Tips on Getting Ready for the First Day of Anything New, by Wilfredo Perez, P723X (District 75), Bronx
Undefeated, by Kelley Perez, I.S. 259, William McKinley Intermediate School, Brooklyn


Grades 9-12
Chinese New Year, by Xin Yu Lin, P.S. 721, Brooklyn Occupational Training Center (District 75), Brooklyn
Land of the Misfits, by Brandon Lopez, High School for Law Enforcement and Public Safety, Queens
Secrets of A Hummingbird, by Scottie Moses, South Bronx Job Corps Academy (District 79), Bronx
Words, by Grace Lin, Edward R. Murrow High School, Brooklyn

School-wide Winners

Grades 3-5
Just Look for Me in the Stars, by Sithi-Rukaiyaa Arssath, P.S. 69, The School of Cultural and Performing Arts, Queens
The Kid Who Always Used Monotonous Words, by Giovanni Auriemma and Tom Zouvelos, P.S. 70, Lt. Joe Petrosino School, Queens
Always Tell the Truth, by Thalia Austin, P.S. 36, The St. Albans School, Queens
Snappy Little Zoo, by Catalina Bedoya, P.S. 20, Christy J. Cugini Port Richmond School, Staten Island
Alexander and His Best Friend, by Evely Benitez, P.S. 150, Charles James Fox School, Bronx
A Different Girl in the City, by Que Bishop, P.S. 208, Alain L. Locke Magnet School for Environmental Stewardship, Manhattan
Sunio and Snowea, by Emily Chen, P.S. 166, Richard Rodgers School for Art and Technology, Manhattan
Violet’s Dream, by Lizelle Chiu, P.S. 173, The Fresh Meadow School, Queens
A Dolphin Tale, by Dajonay Cole, P.S. 53@M.S. 88, Brooklyn
Salvador Dali, by Zavean Cruz, P.S. 151, Lyndon B. Johnson School, Brooklyn
Another Cinderella Story, by Felix Dilone, P.S. 146, Edward Collins School, Bronx
A Friendly Treasure, by Nicholas Fraschilla, P.S. 11, Thomas Dongan School, Staten Island
Friends, by Olivia Giddings, P.S. 372, The Children’s School, Brooklyn
The Girl Who Got Bullied, by Ashley Gilbert and Lesly Diaz, P.S./M.S. 278, Paula Hedbavny School, Manhattan
The Jungle Party, by Delenine Grenville and Tyshawn Howard, P.S. 53 (District 75), Brooklyn
The Eek and the Meow, by Jadah Gulley and Zahray Sandoval, P.S. 215, Lucretia Mott School, Queens
Friends and Foe, by Yasmin Hasan, P.S. 139, The Rego Park School, Queens
Ana Plain and Short, by Jakilin Huerta, P.S. 239, Police Officer Ramon Suarez School, Queens
If You Give Your Hamster Colorful Cotton Candy, by Rachel Ioffe, P.S. 312, The Bergen Beach School, Brooklyn
The Dress That Caused a Lot of Stress, by Caroline Ji, P.S. 176, Ovington School, Brooklyn
Sweet Babysitter, by Rebecca Jimenez, P.S. 5, Ellen Lurie School, Manhattan
Face to Face Whales, by Hamzeh Kazmi, P.S. 225, Eileen Zaglin School, Brooklyn
The Robot, by Zein Laos, P.S. 274, The Kosciusko School, Brooklyn
Welcome To The Island of Tears, by Gabrielle Lederman, P.S. 56, Louis DeSario School, Staten Island
Miss Goodie Two Shoes, by Antonia Li and Amelia Orodio, P.S. 174, William Sidney Mount School, Queens
Robert the Robber Toucan, by Ernesto Lopez, P.S. 186, Dr. Irving A. Gladstone School, Brooklyn
It’s Not About the Name, by Farhan Mahin, P.S. 85, Judge Charles J. Vallone School, Queens
Imaginary Land, by Vincent Mascolo and Anthony Dentrone, P.S. 60, Alice Austin School, Staten Island
The Rewarded Girl, by Giselle Meza Tlacotia, P.S. 41, The New Dorp School, Staten Island
Little, by Regina Rabkina, P.S. 6, The Corporal Allan F. Kivlehan School, Staten Island
The Story of William and Maria, by Ricardo Ramirez, P.S. 155, William Paca School, Manhattan
If You Could Reverse Gravity, by Matthew Raymond and Mya Jones, P.S. 198, Isidor and Ida Straus School, Manhattan
Friends All Over the World, by Ysamaris Reynoso and Amelia Alvarez, P.S. 360, Bronx
Coney Island Rocks, by Fernando Rodriguez Leal, P.S. 1, The Bergen School, Brooklyn
My Amazing Life, by Alicia Rojas, P.S. 60, Woodhaven School, Queens
Never Again, by Jalen Rose and Janiah Tillman, P.S. 335, Granville T. Woods School, Brooklyn
Alyssa and Her Bike, by Tasha Seeram, P.S. 95, The Eastwood School, Queens
Sincerely Jing, by Jing Su, P.S. 24, Andrew Jackson School, Queens
Game Changer, by Nicholas Sutera, P.S. 36, John C. Drumgoole School, Staten Island
Zach at the Circus, by Daphne Tjan, P.S./I.S. 206, Gravesend Neck Road School, Brooklyn
We Love You Terence Tsao, by Terena Tsao, P.S. 105, The Blytherbourne School, Brooklyn
My Flying Shoes, by Nshera Tutu, P.S. 153, Helen Keller School, Bronx
The Frog and the Fly, by Mahjabin Uddin, P.S. 179, Kensington School, Brooklyn
The Big City, by Salma Valenzuela, P.S. 250, The Williamsburg Magnet School for Communication and Multimedia Arts, Brooklyn
My Day at School, by Jeremiah Wright, P.S. 231@P.S. 180 (District 75), Brooklyn
Museum Adventure, by Winni Wu, P.S. 69, Vincent D. Grippo School, Brooklyn
Freaky Friendship, by Julia Zafrani, P.S. 151, Yorkville Community School, Manhattan
The Birth of Strongboy, by Wilfred Pratt, P.S. 14, Vanderbilt School, Staten Island
Home Is Where the Heart Is, by Catherine Anderson, P.S. 55, Henry M. Boehm School, Staten Island
Landing Terror, by Kenny Contreras, P.S. 89, Cypress Hills Community School, Brooklyn


 Grades 6-8
Surprise! by Arilesli Ayala, P.S./M.S. 161, Don Pedro Albizu Campos School, Manhattan
A Dolphin Tale, by Dajaonay Cole, P53@M.S. 88  (District 75), Brooklyn
The Forgotten, by Suebin Lee, I.S. 7, Elias Bernstein School , Staten Island
Fanne Al Herman and the Bully, by Khang Ahn Nguyen and Mohammed Islam, P.S./I.S. 229, The Dyker School, Brooklyn
Summer in the City, by Felix Perez, P3@I.S. 296 (District 75), Brooklyn
A Day in the Life, by Fallon Santander, P176@181 (District 75), Bronx
Kiki the Humble and Smart Prairie Dog, by Jessica Santosa, I.S. 323, Scholars’ Academy, Queens
My Trip to India, by Dylan Thomas, Renaissance School of the Arts, Manhattan
Grandma’s Memory, by Mamuna Zafar, I.S. 225, Eileen Zaglin School, Brooklyn
Phil and Joe, by Alexander Zayas, P.S. 176 (District 75), Bronx
The Adventurous Adventures of Blackie, by Edona Njomza Gjenashi, M.S. 210, Elizabeth Blackwell Middle School, Queens
Dreams, by Raquel Vargas, I.S. 61. Leonardo da Vinci School, Queens
What Can Flutter Find With Her Little Eye, by Abigail Feliciano, P.S./M.S. 43, Queens


Grades 9 – 12
Oh Africa! by Helina Amoah and Bridget Obeng Boateng, High School of Language and Innovation, Bronx
Serenity, by Crisbelly Contreras, Pelham Preparatory Academy High School, Bronx
Danny’s Journey, by Juan Duran and Lori Mateo, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School, Manhattan
A Quarter for a Star, by Nini Ho, Collegiate Institute For Math and Science, Bronx
Bad Dreams and Nightmares, by Davaughna Miller, Global Enterprise Academy, Bronx
My Digital Friends, by Maria Morales and Herdai Mangal, Academy of Scholarship and Entrepreneurship, Bronx
A Trip Across the Atlantic, by Shanae Nelson, Astor Collegiate Academy, Bronx
The Wars That Never Ends, by Richard Ortecho, Democracy Prep Charter High School, Manhattan
The Poet, by Gary Pavlus, Bronxdale High School, Bronx
Boo-Boo Bear’s Night at the Zoo, by Katherine Ramirez, High School for Law and Public Service, Manhattan
My Best Friend Is a Dinosaur, by Alana Tanzi and Tiffany Lange, Queens Metropolitan High School, Queens
It Girl, by Pamela Vasquez, Eximius College Preparatory Academy, Bronx
The End of the World? by Rocio Vicente, Monroe Academy for Visual Arts and Design, Bronx
The Golden Rose, by Maria Michel, William Cullen Bryant High School, Queens
What To Do With One Apple, by Miguel Ortega, Christopher Columbus High School, Bronx


Ezra Jack Keats Selection Panel

Melissa Jacobs-Israel
Coordinator, NYC School Library System
Ronnie Seiden Moss
Artist/Art Educator/Project Coordinator, Ezra Jack Keats Bookmaking Competition
Barbara Ornstein
Former Children’s Specialist, Central Library, Brooklyn Public Library
John Peters
Former Supervising Librarian, The Children’s Center at 42nd Street, New York Public Library
Felix Plaza
Bibliobus Outreach Associate, Brooklyn Public Library
Jo Beth Ravitz
Artist/Art Consultant/Educator
Christine Scheper
Children’s Materials Specialist, Queens Library
Rachel Payne
Coordinator of Children’s and Family Services, Brooklyn Public Library
Bryan Collier
Children’s Book Author-Illustrator
David Mowery
Former Division Chief,  Young Wing, Central Library Brooklyn Public Library
David Ezra Stein
Children’s Book Author-Illustrator

Project Teams

New York City Department of Education
Dennis M. Walcott, Chancellor
Office of Arts and Special Projects
Paul King, Executive Director
Karen Rosner, Coordinator of Visual Arts
Ronnie Seiden Moss, Project Coordinator
Office of Library Services
Melissa Jacobs-Israel, Coordinator
Brooklyn Public Library
Rachel Payne, Coordinator of Children’s and Family Services
Paquita Campoverde, Manager, Youth and Family Programs
Katya Schapiro, Program Coordinator
Barbara Wing, Manager, Exhibitions