Quotes on Keats

Lee Bennett Hopkins

Poet, author, anthologist

Hopkins-Dreams 1Relooking at Dreams, one can see images captured by Ezra of sights, feelings and moods of a scorching-hot city night. People are seen from their windows—a mother kissing her baby, someone watering a lonely potted plant, a child petting a dog—all depicted in incredible collage and acrylic paintings. Those, only a master of the art could produce.

In the text, Roberto struggles to fall asleep after a series of late-night escapades. The last pages of the book read: ‘Morning came, and everybody was getting up. Except one person. Roberto was fast asleep, dreaming.’

Hopkins-Dreams 2I picture Ezra looking out the window of his East Side apartment, possibly peering into other windows, thinking about his childhood years, growing up in Brooklyn—his dreams. Now, his dreams fulfilled.

He gave the world dreams. He continues to give them, and will to future generations of children. As Langston Hughes wrote, ‘Hold fast to dreams.…’ Ezra held fast. Good night, dear man.”