Quotes on Keats

Floyd Cooper

Children’s book author-illustrator

What motivates a man:
To buck the winds of the status quo?
To give voice to the voiceless?
To right a wrong?
I don’t know, but Ezra Jack Keats did!
What inspires a man:
To grab some ears!
To break some china!
To turn the world on its head!
I don’t know, but Ezra Jack Keats did!
My man, Ezra Jack!
He had to have known that he was melting the ice of unacceptance.
He was, I am sure, keenly aware that he was removing the blinders of social inequity that limited the scope of a people for far too long.
But did he know that by telling Peter’s story he was not only showing the humanity that a white person could see and relate to but that a black person could also see? And in this seeing of oneself, embraced by the media and allowed to stand side by side on this grand platform with all other hearts and souls, be affirmed! At long last, affirmed and instilled with the medicine of self-belief for an embattled spirit.
The genius of Ezra Jack Keats was in capturing all of the force, fury and power of a revolution within the quiet beauty of his art.
So add this to all of the other reasons we have to
Thank you, Ezra Jack Keats!