Quotes on Keats

Dr. Martin Pope

Professor Emeritus, New York University

Pope-Louie 1
The relationship Louie has to the puppet Gussie, in the book Louie, mirrors Ezra’s relationship with art and color. It was through his art that Ezra found his voice—just as Louie found his through seeing Gussie the puppet. It was through drawing and painting that Ezra was able to break through his shyness and connect with people—just as the puppet helped Louie.
The joy and warmth with which Louie hugs Gussie at the end of the book reflects the happiness and fulfillment Ezra found through his art.

Pope-Louie 2There are some very special messages contained in this book. We as parents and educators can never underestimate the power of small triumphs in the course of a child’s life. For Louie and Ezra, the small triumphs were hugging a puppet and filling a kitchen table with beautiful drawings. For the adults around these children, the triumphs are recognizing the beauty of the moment and encouraging the child to keep moving ahead.”