Ezra Jack Keats Award 35th Anniversary

EJK Award and Honor Books by Simon & Schuster

  • 2007 New Writer Award

    Kelly Cunnane
    For You Are a Kenyan Child

  • 2002 New Writer Award

    Deborah Wiles
    Freedom Summer

  • 2015 New Illustrator Honor

    Evan Turk
    Grandfather Gandhi

  • 2018 New Illustrator Award

    Evan Turk
    Muddy: The Story of Blues Legend Muddy Waters
    Written by Michael Mahin

  • 2014 New Illustrator Honor

    Aaron Meshon
    Take Me Out to the Yakyu

  • 2014 New Writer Honor

    Linda Davick
    I Love You, Nose! I Love You, Toes!

  • 2019 New Writer Award

    John Sullivan
    Kitten and the Night Watchman

  • 2008 New Illustrator Award

    Jonathan Bean
    The Apple Pie that Papa Baked

  • 1995 New Writer Award

    Cari Best
    Taxi! Taxi!

  • 1995 New Writer Award

    Cari Best
    Taxi! Taxi!

  • 2019 New Writer Honor

    Keith Calabrese
    Lena’s Shoes are Nervous
    Illustrated by Juana Medina

  • 2002 New Illustrator Award

    Jerome Lagarrigue
    Freedom Summer