Ezra Jack Keats Award 35th Anniversary

EJK Award and Honor Books by Penguin Random House

  • 2014 New Illustrator Honor

    K.G. Campbell
    Tea Party Rules

  • 2018 New Writer Honor

    Rachael Cole
    City Moon
    Illustrated by Blanca Gómez

  • 2015 New Writer Honor

    Misty Copeland

  • 2014 New Writer Award

    Ame Dyckman
    Tea Party Rules

  • 1986 New Writer Award

    Valerie Flournoy
    The Patchwork Quilt

  • 2004 New Writer Award

    Jeron Ashford Frame
    Yesterday I Had the Blues

  • 2006 New Illustrator Award

    Yunmee Kyong
    Silly Chicken

  • 2014 New Writer Honor

    Pat Zietlow Miller
    Sophie’s Squash

  • 2011 New Illustrator Award

    Tao Nyeu
    Bunny Days

  • 2000 New Writer Award

    Soyung Pak
    Dear Juno

  • 2020 New Illustrator Honor

    Zeke Peña
    My Papi Has a Motorcycle
    Written by Isabel Quintero

  • 1993 New Writer Award

    Faith Ringgold
    Tar Beach

  • 2006 New Writer Award

    Mary Ann Rodman
    My Best Friend

  • 2008 New Writer Award

    David Ezra Stein

  • 1989 New Writer Award

    Yoriko Tsutsui
    Anna's Special Present

  • 2016 New Illustrator Award

    Phoebe Wahl
    Sonya's Chicken

  • 2021 New Writer Award

    Tricia Elam Walker
    Nana Akua Goes to School
    Illustrated by April Harrison

  • 2021

    Heidi Woodward Sheffield
    Brick by Brick

  • 2021 New Illustrator Honor

    Victoria Tentler-Krylov
    The Cyclops of Central Park
    Written by Madelyn Rosenberg

  • 2022 New Illustrator Award

    Kenesha Sneed
    Many Shapes of Clay