Bookmaking & Your Curriculum

The EJK Bookmaking Competition meets each student at his or her own level and gives every student a chance to shine. Bookmaking inspires students to:

  • compete with and exceed their own expectations of themselves
  • enjoy acquiring new knowledge and skills
  • Make decisions and solve problems
  • Self motivate and collaborate with others
  • develop an interdisciplinary field of study
  • research and write about a chosen subject
  • Write clearly to communicate clearly
  • Embrace revisions

Bookmaking strengthens and builds all the literacy skills required from third-grade grammar up to twelfth-grade narrative techniques. Adding art instruction, book construction and a choice of subjects makes the project creative and fun.

The CCSS promotes collaboration between disciplines to advance literacy and art skills. Bookmaking provides the best platform for teachers to collaborate with the librarian or visual arts teacher in their school to allow their students to create a book.

The Bookmaking Competition provides multiple opportunities for the students to be celebrated for creating something beautiful and for improving in their literacy and learning skills. Recognition can happen:

  • In class display and recognition of every student’s book
  • In school library display and recognition of every student’s book
  • At the Annual exhibition and award ceremony recognizing city and borough winners & honorable mentions 

Every child who completes a book experiences these benefits even if they don’t win any prizes. In this program, no one loses because just making the book fills each student with pride.