2022 Ezra Jack Keats Bookmaking Competition Winners

City Winners

9/11: The Tree On My Block, by Hannah Karten (Grade 4), P.S. 008K, The Emily Warren Roebling School, Brooklyn; Teacher: Melissa Browning; Principal: Patricia Peterson

Building a Friend, by Gloria He (Grade 8), I.S. 239K, Mark Twain for the Gifted and Talented, Brooklyn; Teacher: Michelle Wallach; Principal: Karen Ditolla

Pigeon’s Passions, by Ines Donnelly (Grade 10), P.S. 299Q, Bard High School Early College Queens; Teacher: Mary Jo Lombardo; Principal: Valeri Thomson

Borough Winners

Grades 3-5

Back Off COVID! I’m Going to Have a Baby Sister!, by London Sims and Naomi Tom (Grade 4), P.S. 156, The Waverly School of The Arts, Brooklyn; Teachers: Leanne Anderson, Ryan Nicholson, Dion Seraneau; Principal: Nayima Moore-Allen

Birds of a Feather, by Bella Zhang and Olivia Huang (Grade 5), P.S. 105K, The Blythebourne School, Brooklyn; Teachers: Aizhen Li, Jane Yuille, Flora Zhong; Principal: Shirley Chen

Faded with the Minute’s Breeze, by Suhala Hassan (Grade 5), P.S. 063Q, The Old South School, Queens; Teacher: Maria Panotopoulou; Librarian: Kathleen Cavanagh-Fleischmann; Principal: Denise De Jesus-Bustamante

The New Cow on the Farm, by Ihotu Adoyi (Grade 5), P.S. 058R, Space Shuttle Columbia School, Staten Island; Librarian: Staci Balice; Principal: Michael LaMorte

Two Black Balls, by Jamielyn Chin (Grade 5), P.S. 050R, The Frank Hankinson School, Staten Island; Teacher: Stephanie Iuvara; Principal: Joseph Santello

Grades 6-8

All the Different Animals I See, by Jeremiah Wilson and Sevinch Olimjonova (Grade 8), P.S. 077K, District 75, Brooklyn; Teachers: Amie Robinson, Dina Kospetas; Principal: Ebony Russell

The Adventures of Harper and Friends: The Doggy Beach, by Lena Goings (Grade 8), Summer Arts Institute, Manhattan; Teacher: Laura Blau; Principal: David LaMorte

The Adventures of Whale Guy and Normal Guy, by Anthony Borschevskiy and Anthony Pareja (Grade 6), P.S. 323Q, Scholars’ Academy, Queens; Teacher: Teresa O’Brien Israel; Principal: Michele Smyth

The Seasons With Fernando: Las Estaciones con Fernando, by Stella Cereola (Grade 8), M.S. / H.S. 141X, Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy, Bronx; Teacher: Isa Almonte; Librarian: Julia Loving; Principal: Lori O’Mara

Yuan’s New Year, by Ally Zhao (Grade 8), I.S. 098K, The Bay Academy for the Arts & Sciences, Brooklyn; Teacher: Meredith Samuelson; Librarian: Marietta Falconieri; Principal: Mara Timo

Grades 9-12

Candle Light, by Jaidyn Romero and Jazmin Marrero (Grade 11), Millennium Art Academy, Bronx; Teacher: Laura Blau; Principal: Herman Guy

Invisible, by Hellen Reyes Abreu (Grade 11), H.S. 400M, High School for Environmental Studies, Manhattan; Teacher: Ikuko Wakiya; Principal: Heather DeFlorio

Honorable Mentions

A Family Vacation, by Hoda Dahha (Grade 4), P.S. 070Q, Lieutenant Joseph Petrosino School, Queens; Librarian: Carmela Mroz; Principal: Izett Thomas

About Life, by Fintelow Sainthilaire (Grade 4), P.S. / I.S. 184Q, The Newport School, Brooklyn; Librarian: Noemi Alers; Principal: Lisa Linder

All Cultures Can Be Beautiful in Every Way!, by Tamara El Eshmwai and Nina Romero (Grade 5), P.S. 151M, Yorkville Community School, Manhattan; Teacher: Jessica Suarez; Principal: Samantha Kaplan

An Adventure Through Worlds, by Sarah Kwo and Lydia Pfaendler (Grade 3), P.S. 011K, Purvis J. Behan, Brooklyn; Teacher: Niaren DeSilva; Principal: Abidemi Hope

COVID 19: A Pandemic to Remember, by Yvelise Castillo (Grade 5), P.S. 015Q, Jackie Robinson, Queens; Teacher: Serrena Hospedales-Brown; Principal: Anthony Pignataro

Gus the Crocodile Goes to the Library, by Alexander Rudnev (Grade 3), P.S. 003R, The Margaret Gioiosa School, Staten Island; Teacher: Heather Pidan; Principal: Elmer Myers

Happy Chinese New Year, by Demi Lee and Jillian Tsang (Grade 4), Hellenic Classical Charter School, Brooklyn; Teacher: Julia Owen; Librarian: Heather Prince; Principal: Natasha Caban

House Tour, by Orion Chen (Grade 5), P.S. 193Q, Alfred J. Kennedy, Queens; Teacher: Alexandra Budnick; Principal: Diane Tratner

I Defied the Odds, by Jordin Rodriguez and Luis Velez (Grade 5), P.S. 044R, The Thomas C. Brown School, Staten Island; Librarian: Alisa Bialor; Principal: Nancy Storms

Template Face, by Karl Fenning (Grade 5), P.S. 160, The Walt Disney Magnet STEAM School, Bronx; Teacher: Veronica Doherty; Principal: Lori Baker

The Equivalent, by Benjamin Makovoz (Grade 5), P.S. 195K, Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn; Teacher: Cara Bianchi; Principal: Bernadette Toomey

The Great Race Car, by Tate Davidson (Grade 3), P.S. 196Q, Grand Central Parkway, Queens; Teacher: Eden Stevenson; Librarian: Carmela Mroz; Principal: Susan Migliano

Trans, by Stella Mombiela (Grade 3), P.S. / I.S. 099K, Isaac Asimov School, Brooklyn; Teacher: Kathryn Azhar; Principal: Hrysoula Niarhos

A Cat’s Journey, by Taylor Moy (Grade 6), H.S. 539M, New Explorations into Science, Technology, and Math High School (NEST+m), Manhattan; Teacher: Elizabeth Zacharia; Principal: Meaghan Lynch

A Day at the Zoo, by Mubinabonu Arapbaeva (Grade 8), I.S.014K, Shell Bank, Brooklyn; Teacher: Michelle Wiener; Principal: Teri Ahearn

Drawing, by Jacqueline Hernandez Martinez (Grade 6), Hellenic Classical Charter School, Brooklyn; Teacher: Julia Owen; Librarian: Heather Prince; Principal: Natasha Caban

In Between the Two Worlds, by Noor Saleh (Grade 7), M.S. 002K, Parkside Preparatory Academy, Brooklyn; Teacher: Katherine Dinerman; Principal: Arlene Burnett

Kenji’s Life as Samurai, by Janely Salcedo (Grade 8), P.S. 993Q, Mayflower School, Queens; Teacher: Gwen Baltimore; Principal: Jonathan Lonshein

Lost and Found, by Alara Eris and Nicolas Ferrera (Grade 8), I.S. 201K, Dyker Heights, Brooklyn; Teacher: Dina Pizzarello; Principal: Robert Ciulla

My Birthday Party and My Four Best Friends, by Harleny Castillo Estrella (Grade 7), P.S. / I.S. 184Q, The Newport School, Queens; Librarian: Noemi Alers; Principal: Lisa Linder

Pollution and Covid, by Jessica Candia (Grade 7), P.S. 293M, City College Academy of the Arts, Manhattan; Teacher: Gloria Adams; Principal: Burnedette Drysdale

Princess Himiko and the White Crane, by Seema Sandal (Grade 8), M.S. 137Q, America’s School of Heroes, Queens; Teacher: Lidia Menniti; Principal: Pamela Trincado

So Unique, by Naimah Ali (Grade 6), J.H.S. 127X, Castle Hill School, Bronx; Teacher: Brian McKenzie; Principal: Bryant Jackson

The Big Bad Monster Who Scared Me, by Ziling Liu (Grade 7), I.S. 187K, The Christa McAuliffe School, Brooklyn; Teacher: Melina Badia; Principal: Justin Berman

The Enchanted Tree, by Zarbonu Karshieva and Nermin Zafar (Grade 8), P.S. / I.S. 099K, Isaac Asimov School, Brooklyn; Teacher: Kathryn Azhar; Librarian: Ann Preis; Principal: Hrysoula Niarhos

The Story of the Scholars’ Green Team, by Esmeralda Pettersen and Mrittika Sikder (Grade 6), P.S. 323Q, Scholars’ Academy, Queens; Librarian: Teresa O’Brien Israel; Principal: Michele Smyth

Tooth Man, by Ean Barona (Grade 6), P.S. 323Q, Scholars’ Academy, Queens; Librarian: Teresa O’Brien Israel; Principal: Michele Smyth

What We Did In Quarantine, by Eva Lenton (Grade 6), P.S. 497K, The Boerum Hill School for International Studies, Brooklyn; Teacher: Louise Butler; Librarian: Vincent Hyland; Principal: Samantha Schmoeger

Andre and Maria: A Love Story, by Jayvon Wright (Grade 11), P.S. 721X, Stephen McSweeney School, Bronx; Teacher: Nicole Boggi; Principal: Sara Byas-Aracena

Bad Cartoons Need Love Too, by Nasir James (Grade 11), H.S. 544X, High School for Contemporary Arts, Bronx; Teacher: Elizabeth Fidoten; Principal: Melissa Peters

Food Alphabet, by Yarick Urena (Grade 9), H.S. 432X, Bronx Bridges High School, Bronx; Teacher: Crystal Lamb; Principal: Nelsie Castillo

It’s Up to All of Us, by Bella Palaguachi (Grade 9), P.S. 293M, City College Academy of the Arts, Manhattan; Teacher: Gloria Adams; Principal: Bernedette Drysdale

The 12 Eastern Zodiac Spirits, by Cory Watson Jr. (Grade 12), P.S. 077K, District 75, Brooklyn; Teacher: Amie Robinson; Principal: Ebony Russell

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