2020 Ezra Jack Keats Bookmaking Winners

City Wide Winner

Children in World War II, by Patrick Szewczyk (Grade 4), PS 63Q The Old South School, Queens; Teacher: Maria Panotopoulou; Librarian: Kathleen Cavanagh-Fleischmann; Principal: Diane Marino

The Telephone, by Andre Kulikov (Grade 8), IS 98 The Bay Academy for the Arts & Sciences, K; Teacher: Molly Mcgrath; Librarian: Marietta Falconieri; Principal: Maria Timo

The Comforts of Home, by Nadine Baidan (Grade 11), LaGuardia High School, Manhattan; Teacher: Stephanie Mulvihill; Principal: Yeou-Jay Vasconcelos

Borough Wide Winner

Grades 3-5

Earth: Our Only Home, by Sophia Wright (Grade 4), PS/MS 105Q The Bay School, Queens; Librarian: Stephanie Rosalia; Principal: Laurie Shapiro

The Boy Who Colored The World, by Sam Lin and Anthony Ye (Grade 5), 20K105, Brooklyn; Teachers: AiZhen Li and Agnes Balla and Jane Yuille; Principal: Johanna Castronovo

The Clash of the Foods, by Jessica Yao (Grade 5), PS/IS 217 The Roosevelt Island School, Manhattan; Teacher: Kelly Chan; Librarian: Noreen O’Hagan; Principal: Mandana Beckman

What Are Those!?, by Sophia Poltoratsky and Michelle Pavlov (Grade 5), P.S. 195 The Manhattan Beach School, Kings; Teacher: Cara Bianchi; Principal: Bernadette Toomey

When I Moved to America, by Tahirah and Sanni (Grade 5), PS158 Warwick, Brooklyn; Teacher: Melissa Schmitt; Librarian: Jacqueline Charlton; Principal: Latishia Towles

Grades 6-8

Are You Okay?, by Maya Ortega (Grade 8), William Alexander MS51, Brooklyn; Teacher: Shelly Cunningham; Principal: Shelly Cunningham

Different, by Jenny Huang (Grade 7), I.S. 201 Dyker Heights, Brooklyn; Teacher: Tonia Franzese; Principal: Robert Ciulla

Kali: The Goddess of Bloodlust, by Prosenjit Sen (Grade 8), MS 137 America’s School of Heroes, Queens; Teacher: Lidia Menniti; Principal: Laura Mastrogiovanni

Save Yourself, by Lena Goings (Grade 6), The Boerum Hill School for International Studies, K; Teacher: Louise Butler; Librarian: Vincent Hyland; Principal: Nicole Lanzillotto

The Tickle Monster, by Arian (Grade 7), JHS 194, Queens; Teacher: Adam Mastrosimone; Principal: Jennifer Miller

Grades 9-12

Hospital, by Malakai Vega (Grade 10), Millennium Art Academy High School, Bronx; Teacher: Laura Blau; Principal: Herman Guy

Iffy, by Jessie Li (Grade 12), Maspeth High School, Queens; Teacher: Stephanie Lara; Librarian: Douglas Von Hoppe; Principal: Khurshid Abdul-Mutakabbir

Little Boo’s Costume Party, by Amana Alam (Grade 12), Brooklyn Technical High School, Brooklyn; Teacher: Elizabeth Filippelli; Principal: David Newman

Snail Garden, by Aemilia Harbutt (Grade 10), Bard High School Early College Queens, Queens; Teacher: Mary Jo Lombardo; Principal: Valeri Thomson

The Lighted Window, by Hafsa Habib (Grade 12), Stuyvesant High School, Manhattan; Teacher: Leslie Bernstein; Principal: Eric Contreras

Honorable Mention

Grades 3-5

A Gorilla’s Wish To Be Big, by Victor David (Grade 5), P368 Star Academy, Brooklyn; Teacher: Catherine Brewer; Principal: Laverne Peter

Alice: A Short Story, by Kierstin Li (Grade 3), PS 174 William Sidney Mount, Queens; Teachers: Marilyn Friedman and Marie Russell; Principal: Karin Kelly

Family, by Tucker Hollman (Grade 4), PS 75M Emily Dickinson, Manhattan; Teacher: Branislava Scheluchin; Principal: George Georgilakis

Opal the Bird Watcher, by Johanna Zhu (Grade 4), P.S. 094 Henry Long Fellow, Brooklyn; Teachers: Amy Yu and Tiffany Melendez; Principal: Cristina Gonzalez

Space Legends, by Oscar Liu (Grade 3), PS 164 Caesar Rodney School, Brooklyn; Teachers: David Chimoskey and Jayne Swan; Principal: Erica Steinberg

The Art of Joy, by Lilla Burke (Grade 5), PS 8 Robert Fulton, Brooklyn; Librarian: Amanda Green; Principal: Patricia Peterson

The Real Story “Birds of a Feather Flock Together”, by Kyaiza and Archambault (Grade 4), PS 137 Rachel Jean Mitchel, Brooklyn; Teacher: Linda Sedda; Librarian: Wanda Rivero; Principal: Suzette Rose-Baptiste

The Tale of Captain Candy, by Liam Fitzpatrick and Jon Shkembi (Grade 4), P.S.70 Lt. Joseph Petrosino School, Queens; Librarian: Carmela Mroz; Principal: Izett Thomas

Grades 6-8

Cat Attack, by Mahjabin Saba (Grade 6), MS127 Castle Hill Middle School, Bronx; Teacher: Brian Mckenzie; Principal: Harry Sherman

Dancing Under the Stars/Bailando Bajo Las Estrellas, by Lillian Fain (Grade 8), Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy MS/HS 141, Bronx; Teacher: Isa Almonte; Librarian: Julia Loving; Principal: Lori O’Mara

Drifted, by Tehra Hamid (Grade 8), MS 202 Ozone Park, Queens; Teacher: Dawn Woods; Librarian: Michelle Brier; Principal: William Fitzgerald

More to Life than Grades!, by Yingyi (Jenna) Chen (Grade 7), IS 187 The Christa McAuliffe Intermediate School, Brooklyn; Teacher: Melina Badia; Principal: Justin Berman

The Violin, by Harry Anagnostou (Grade 6), Hellenic Classical Charter School, Brooklyn; Teacher: Julia Owen; Librarian: Heather Prince; Principal: Natasha Caban

Thread of Life, by Selina Zheng (Grade 8), I.S. 77, Queens; Teacher: Ruth Varghese; Librarian: Dolores Vialet; Principal: Joseph A. Miller

To the Sun, by Angeline Song (Grade 8), IS 7 Elias Bernstein, R; Librarian: Mary Beth Quick; Principal: Dr. Nora De Rosa

Grades 9-12

Flame and Spade, by Isamar Rea (Grade 12), Hillcrest High School, Queens; Teacher: Karoline Varoski; Principal: Scott Milczewski

Heart, by Marisol Wynter and Floyd-Smith (Grade 12), P77K, K; Teachers: Amie Robinson and Susan Tamke; Principal: Ebony Russell

Jordan, by Mohammad Alvafati (Grade 12), Tottenville High School, Staten Island; Teacher: Tahani Hamad; Librarian: Maria Pawlow-Muller; Principal: Joseph Scarmato

Life of Tree, by Mailyn Salto-Rosales (Grade 11), High School for Environmental Studies, Manhattan; Teacher: Ikuko Wakiya; Principal: Amber Najmi

The Cavemen, by Adam Khayi (Grade 12), Academy of American Studies, Queens; Teacher: Doug Condon; Principal: William Bassell

What You Capture In A Snap, by Daisy Hernandez (Grade 12), 11X544 HS for Contemporary Arts, Bronx; Teacher: Elizabeth Fidoten; Principal: Pedro Cubero

2020 Winners

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