2019 Ezra Jack Keats Bookmaking Winners

City Winners

9/11: The Day that Changed the World Forever by Dasha Villalba and Mariana Ramos
(Grade 5), P.S. 63, Old South, Queens; Teacher: Maria Panotopoulou; Librarian: Kathleen Cavanagh-Fleishmann; Principal: Diane Marino

Clutter, by Sofia Kudelina (Grade 8), I.S. 98, Bay Academy for the Arts and Sciences, Brooklyn; Teacher: Meredith Samuelson, Librarian: Marietta Falconieri; Principal: Maria Timo

A Magical Place, by Annie Li (Grade 10), Brooklyn Technical High School, Brooklyn; Teacher: Monica Rowley; Principal: David Newman

Borough Winners

Grades 3-5

I Miss My Dad by London Sims and Naomi Tom (Grade 4), P.S. 156, The Waverly School of The Arts, Brooklyn; Teachers: Leanne Andersonm, Ryan Nicholson, Dion Seraneau; Principal: Nayima Moore-Allen

If We Could Talk, by Iris Chen and Zhi Xin Li (Grade 3), P.S. 105, The Blythebourne, Brooklyn; Teacher: Aizhen Li, Park Fung; Librarian: LeeAnne Infantino; Principal: Johanna Castronovo

Only Oliver Knew, by John Guastella (Grade 5), P.S 23R, The Richmondtown School, Staten Island; Teacher: Laurie Berlinger; Principal: Paul Proscia

Pig and Tilly, by Zoe Kosanke and Vivienne Guevin-Gill (Grade 3), P.S. 164, Caesar Rodney, Brooklyn; Teachers: David Chimoskey, Jayne Swan; Principal: Erica Steinberg

Trapped by Liaba Naimi and Ana Topirceanu (Grade 5), P.S. 70, Lieutenant Joseph Petrosino School, Queens; Teachers: George Siassos, Mary Karalekas; Librarian: Carmela Mroz; Principal: Donna Geller

Grades 6-8

In a Heart Beat, by Laetitia Mombelli (Grade 6), Boerum Hill School for International Studies, Brooklyn; Teacher: Louise Butler; Librarian: Vincent Hyland; Principal: Nicole Lanzillotto

It’ll Be Okay, by Lucy Farley (Grade 7), I.S. 187, The Christa McAuliffe School, Brooklyn; Teacher: Melina Badia; Principal: Justin Berman

Self, by Alicia Lee (Grade 8), I.S. 239, Mark Twain School for the Gifted and Talented, Brooklyn; Teacher: Michele Wallach; Principal: Karen Ditolla

Voice On a String, by Sabrina Aquilone (Grade 8), I.S. 7, Elias Bernstein, Staten Island; Librarian: Mary Beth Quick; Principal: Dr. Nora DeRosa

Wee-Wee’s, by Arian Dzaferovic and Brandon Hansen (Grade 6), JHS 194, William H. Carr, Queens, Teacher: Adam Mastrosimone; Principal: Jennifer Miller

Grades 9-12

Flying Into The Future, by Alex Trinidad (Grade 12), P77K, District 75, Brooklyn; Teachers: Amie Robinson, Devon O’Shanecy; Principal: Ebony Russell

Here With You, by Alexis Torres (Grade 12), Millennium Art Academy, Bronx; Teacher: Laura Blau; Principal: Herman Guy

Mi Familia, by Lizbeth Vargas (Grade 10), Fiorello H. Laguardia High School of Music and Art and Performing Arts, Manhattan; Teacher: Yeon Ji Park; Principal: Dr. Lisa Mars

The Life-Tree, by Natasza Dudek (Grade 10), Maspeth High School, Queens; Teachers: Stephanie Lara, Adam Gordon; Librarian: Douglas Von Hoppe; Principal: Khurshid Abdul-Mutakabbir

The Story of Zero, by Alex Calle (Grade 10), John Bowne High School, Queens; Teacher: Melissa Alvarez; Principal: Laura Izzo Ianelli

Honorable Mentions

Diary of a Dumpling , by Rio Yoo and Veronica Arvelo (Grade 4), P.S. 8, Robert Fulton, Brooklyn; Teacher: Amanda Green, Principal: Patricia Peterson

EMOTIONS, by Landon Shchur and Gregory Shif (Grade 5), P.S. 195, Manhattan Beach School, Brooklyn; Teacher: Cara Bianchi; Principal: Bernadette Toomey

Life in a Class of Art, by Sharon Lin and Isabella Lyn-Shue (Grade 5), P.S. 193, Alfred J. Kennedy, Queens; Teacher: Alexandra Budnick; Principal: Diane Tratner

My Trip to Mexico, by Chelsea Pozo and Dulce Alequin (Grade 5), P.S. 48, P.O. Michael John Buczek School, Manhattan; Teachers: Felix Portela and Rachelle Marzola; Principal: Shaniquia Stanley

Rising Sun, by Ann Karottu and Emily Peng (Grade 5), PS 153X, Helen Keller School, Brooklyn; Teachers: Anell Veras and Latechia Reddick; Principal: Meghan Kelley

Stop It, You Bully, by Zi Han Lin (Grade 5), P.S. 94K, Henry Longfellow, Brooklyn; Teachers: Amy Yu, Chia Yin Tsai, Shuo Wang; Principal: Janette Caban

The Story of Mr. Tophat, by Mia Sauchik and Anna Xie (Grade 4), P.S. 102, The Bayview School, Brooklyn: Teachers: Monique Stanton, Erika Arancio, Linda Delpozo; Principal: Cornelia Sichenze

Brave, by Jacqueline Wong (Grade 6), P.S. 539, New Explorations into Science, Technology and Math, Manhattan; Teachers: Elizabeth Zacharia and Roy Whitford; Principal: Mark Berkowitz

Our The Four Seasons, by Emily Lavi (Grade 7), I.S. 278, Marine Park, Brooklyn; Teacher: Labrini Delaveris-Grubbs, Esther Keller, Dara McDonald; Principal: Debra Garofalo

The News, by Sharon Lu (Grade 7), I.S. 201, Dyker Intermediate School, Brooklyn; Teacher: Dina Pizzarello; Principal: Robert Ciulla

Types of Sleepers, by Syka Mamataj (Grade 7), MS 137, America’s School of Heroes, Queens; Teacher: Lidia Menniti; Principal: Laura Mastrogiovanni

The Enchanted Forrest, by Israt Islam (Grade 12), Stuyvesant High School, Manhattan; Teacher: Leslie Bernstein; Principal: Eric Contrerase

The Giraffe and the Caterpillar, by Ivan Cano (Grade 11), J.H.S. 202, Queens; Teacher: Jill Hart; Principal: Joseph Birgeles

The Krampus Hunt, by Shon Krichevsky (Grade 10), City College Academy of the Arts, Manhattan; Teacher: Gloria Adams; Principal: Burnedette Drysdale

2019 Winners

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