2017 EJK Bookmaking Competition Winners

City-wide Winners

The Story of the Mirabal Sisters, by Amber Siurano (Grade 4), P.S. 63, Old South School, Queens; Teacher: Maria Panotopoulou; Librarian: Kathleen Fleischmann-Cavanagh; Principal: Diane Marino

Life of a Brighton Beach Sparrow, by Elizabeth Abramowitz (Grade 6), I. S. 98 Bay Academy, Brooklyn; Teachers: Meredith Samuelson; Principal: Maria Timo

He Abandoned Us, by Jennifer Huang (Grade 12); Stuyvesant High School, Manhattan; Teacher: Leslie Bernstein; Principal: Eric Contreras

Borough Winners

Grade 3-5

Coco and Flurry, The Arctic Twins, by Iris Lin and Sonam Thukral (Grade 5); PS/IS 229 The Dyker School, John L. Bernstein, Brooklyn; Teacher: Tanis Coniglione; Principal: Robert Zappulla

Miss Muffin Takes a Trip, by Carson Coleman (Grade 5); PS 23 The Richmond Town School, Staten Island; Teacher: Laura Christie; Principal: Paul Proscia

Oh, What a Night!, written by Michael Grant and illustrated by Amarachi Eburu (Grade 5); P.S. 399 Stanley Eugene Clark, Brooklyn; Librarian: Nell July Sealey; Principal: Marion Brown

Reptiles vs. Dinosaurs, by Tyler Rivera (Grade 3), P368 Star Academy, Brooklyn; Teacher: Catherine Brewer; Principal: Joycelyn Nedd

Winter, by Rachel Zhang (Grade 4), PS 193 Alfred J. Kennedy, Queens; Teacher: Denise Markbreit; Principal: Diane Tratner

Grade 6-8

Benny the Lonely Sheep, by Pauline Barsegyan (Grade 8), I.S. 239 Mark Twain School for the Gifted and Talented, Brooklyn; Teacher: Michele Wallach; Principal: Karen Ditolla

Buck and Flurry: Buck’s Surprise! by Tadius Delancy (Grade 7), P.S. 77, Brooklyn; Teacher: Amie Robinson; Principal: Ebony Russell

Holes Are Worth Exploring, by Jamie Morales (Grade 7), P723X@189, Bronx; Teachers: Roberta Klapper, Daniel Tratt; Principal: Shante Chunn

If the World Was Black and White, by Delia Lima (Grade 7), M.S./H.S. 141 Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy, Bronx; Librarian: Julia Loving; Teacher: Isa Almonte; Principal: Lori O’Mara

Wish Upon a Comet, by Maliha Tasnim (Grade 6), J.H.S. 127 Castle Hill Middle School, Bronx; Teacher: Brian McKenzie; Principal: Harry Sherman

Grade 9-12

A Very Special Seed, by Janet Liu (Grade 10), Brooklyn Technical High School, Brooklyn; Teacher: Monica Rowley; Principal: Dave Newman

Different, by Jason Nazario (Grade 10), East-West School of International Studies, Queens; Teacher: Pauline Kim; Principal: Ben Sherman

Digging for Prehistoric Creatures, by Brittany Ortiz and Kevin Jiang, P.S. 77, Brooklyn; Teachers: Amie Robinson, Devon O’Shanecy; Principal: Ebony Russell

The Little Dandelion That Believed, by Faye Shemper (Grade 9), Townsend Harris High School, Queens; Librarian: Arlene Laverde; Teacher: Jessica Stillman; Principal: Rosemarie Jahoda

Monsters of Mythology: A-Z, by Jayvaughn Hall (Grade 12), Millennium Art Academy, Bronx; Teacher: Laura Blau; Principal: Herman Guy

Honorable Mentions

Grade 3-5

A New Friend, by Subaita Chowdhury (Grade 4), P.S. 70 Lt. Joseph Petrosino, Queens; Librarian: Carmela Mroz; Teacher: Mary Karalekas; Principal: Donna Geller

Artist Angel, by Harlem Newbold and Damian Wessam (Grade 4), P.S. 386, Bronx; Teachers: Brenda Lopez, Mario Hernandez; Principal: Lynnann Fox

My Visit to the Library, by Kaiden Kerr (Grade 3), P.S. 5 Dr. Ronald E. McNair, Brooklyn; Librarian: Gwynn White-Best; Teacher: Joy Suarez; Principal: Lena Gates

The Tragic Day That Changed Our Country, by Andy Lin (Grade 5), P.S. 105 The Blythebourne School, Brooklyn; Teachers: Dino DeAscentiis, Ellen Post; Principal: Johanna Castronovo

Think Before You Axe, by Anwesha Panda (Grade 5), P.S. 120, Queens; Teacher: Eileen Conlisk; Principal: Robert Marino

 Grade 6-8

Cedar, by Lana Zheng (Grade 8), J.H.S. 216 George J. Ryan, Queens: Teacher: Kasey Stofflet; Principal: Reginald Landeau

Halloween Choices, by Yasmine Benjelloun (Grade 8), P.S./I.S. 30 Mary White Ovington, Brooklyn; Librarian: Alla Umanskaya; Teacher: David Askew; Principal: Carol Heeraman

Stitches, by Nicholas Gallina (Grade 7), I.S.201 Dyker Heights School, Brooklyn; Teacher: Dorothy Serposs; Principal: Robert Ciulla

The Grids, by Sophie Woelfling (Grade 8), M.S. 51 William Alexander, Brooklyn; Teacher: Shelly Cunningham; Principal: Lenore Berner

The Secret Land of Domsdwarf, by Anja Drakulovic (Grade 8), I.S. 10 Horace Greeley, Queens; Teachers: Maria Haydn, Sharon Malkin; Principal: Clemente Lopes

Grade 9-12

A&A, by Die Gu (Grade 12), Lower East Side Prep, Manhattan; Librarian: Rachel Tsivitis; Principal: Rene Anaya

A Knight’s Tale, by Mary Catarata (Grade 9), Queens School of Inquiry; Teacher: Yeon Ji Park; Principal: Meredith Inbal

A Trip That Changed Everything, by Bin Long Wu (Grade 9), Manhattan International High School; Teacher: Jane Chernack; Principal: Gladys Rodriguez

Lost Boy Acceptance is Key, by Ojay Ellis, Bronx High School for Writing and Communication Arts, Bronx; Teacher: Elizabeth Fidoten; Principal: Terri Grey

Make Lemonade, written by Samantha Haase and illustrated by Rachel Ilardi (Grade 11); M.S./H.S. 141 Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy, Bronx; Librarian: Julia Loving; Principal: Lori O’Mara