2015 EJK Bookmaking Competition Winners

City-wide Winners

When Fall Turns Into Winter, by John Lee (Grade 5), P.S. 193, Alfred J. Kennedy, Queens. Teacher: Denise Markbreit; Principal: Joyce Bush

The History Wheel of Coney Island, by Amelia Samoylov (Grade 8), I.S. 98, The Bay Academy for the Arts and Sciences, Brooklyn. Teachers: Mandi Bracho, Marietta Falconieri; Principal: Maria Timo

The Brown M Train, by Kevin Zeng (Grade 12), P.S. 77, District 75, Brooklyn. Teachers: Amie Robinson, Sylvia Patterson, William Petrowitz; Principal: Meryl Redner-Cohen

Borough Winners

Grade 3-5

A Grandmother’s Gift, by Alanna Gimadeyeva and Vincent Chen (Grade 5), P.S./I.S. 229, The Dyker School, Brooklyn. Librarian: Ann Keegan; Teacher: Tanis Coniglione; Principal: Robert Zappulla

Entre sueños y temores: Emigrando de Honduras a America (Between Dreams and Fears: My Emigration from Honduras to America), by Liddi Ronquillo (Grade 5), P.S. 182, Samantha Smith School, Queens. Teachers: Sarah Rubin, Dayana Negron; Principal: Andrew Topol

How did the SHARK and the STARFISH Become FRIENDS, by Ryan Macwan (Grade 3), P.S. 29, Bardwell, Staten Island. Teachers: Cathy Conti, Nina Hansen; Principal: Linda Manfredi

Lost in Time, by Stella Vayner and Michael Goldshteyn (Grade 5), P.S. 195, The Manhattan Beach School, Brooklyn. Teacher: Carla Bianchi; Principal: Bernadette Toomey

Why Birds Have Wings, by Rosemarie Carrion (Grade 4), P.S. 130, Abram Stevens Hewitt, Bronx. Teachers: Sheila Rubin-Newfeld, Eileen Rutherford; Principal: Lourdes Velazquez-Peay

Grade 6-8

Please, Remember Me, by Catherine Matute and Maryfe Coronel (Grade 8), I.S. 145, Joseph Pulitzer School, Queens. Teachers: Ivan Asin, Samantha Chung; Principal: Dolores Beckham

Rainbow Dream, by Maggie Zhao (Grade 8), I.S. 239, Mark Twain Intermediate School for the Gifted and Talented, Brooklyn. Teacher: Michele Wallach; Principal: Karen Ditolla

Thanksgiving Dilemma Solved, by Talia Kampton (Grade 7), J.H.S. 157, Stephen A. Halsey, Queens. Teachers: Ashley Ward, Stephanie Lamere; Principal: Vincent Suraci

The Ruby Empress, by Kimora Whitehall and Jamie Lee (Grade 7), P.S. 77, District 75, Brooklyn. Teachers: Amie Robinson, Sarah McDowell; Principal: Merryl Redner-Cohen

The Lonely Square, by Emme Wong (Grade 8), J.H.S. 194, William J. Carr, Queens. Teacher: Lauren Sabatini-Cabrera; Principal: Jennifer Miller

Grade 9-12

Atmosphere, by Laura Wang (Grade 12), Stuyvesant High School, Manhattan. Teacher: Leslie Bernstein; Principal: Jie Zhang

In the Land of Giants, by Michael Hynes (Grade 11), High School of Art and Design, Manhattan. Teacher: Maria Jimenez; Principal: Francis DeSanctis

Our 16th President, by Michael Jean (Grade 9), Cultural Academy for the Arts and Sciences, Brooklyn. Teacher: Maryann McCabe; Principal: Diane Varano

The Special Days of the Year, by Marian Callanta (Grade 11), Newtown High School, Queens. Teacher: Kerry Pati; Principal: John Ficalora

Honorable Mentions

11-Sep, by Lis Morillo and Julian Ramirez (Grades 5 and 4), P.S. 173, Manhattan. Teachers: Erin Belmond

Eliza’s Dream, by Svetlana Russell (Grade 5), P.S. 174, William Sidney Mount, Queens. Teachers: Marilyn Friedman

I Want To Be President!, by Makah Langhorn (Grade 3), P.S. 368 The Star Academy, District 75, Brooklyn. Teacher: Catherine Brewer; Principal: Joycelyn Nedd

Our Visit to the Inca World, by Birmania Cuzco and Cynthia Montero (Grade 5), P.S. 195, Bronx. Teachers: Brenda Lopez, Elizabeth Mendez; Principal: Andrew Kavanagh

Owned, by Oumou Barry (Grade 5), P.S. 46, Edgar Allen Poe, Bronx. Librarian: Karen Ramirez; Principal: Jennifer Alexander-Adé

The Girl Who Swallowed a Fear, by Jana Elwassif (Grade 5), P.S. 70, Lt. Joseph Petrosino School, Queens. Librarian: Carmela Mroz, Teacher: Mary Karalekas; Principal: Donna Geller

The ‘Little Community’ That Could, by Frank D’Amico and Vincent Camerada (Grade 5), P.S. 41, The New Dorp School, Staten Island. Teacher: Susan Alvarez; Principal: Elise Feldman

The March for Rights, by Melena Sarikov (Grade 5), P.S. 173, The Fresh Meadows School, Queens. Teacher: Deborah Passik; Principal: Molly Wang

Aliyah’s Secret, by Nusrat Begum and Noushin Hasan (Grade 8), J.H.S. 202, Robert H. Goddard School, Queens. Teacher: Dawn Woods; Principal: William M. Fitzgerald

Bangladesh Independence: A True Family Memoir, by Nishat Sadia (Grade 8), M.S. 258, Community Action School, Manhattan. Teacher: Jeanie Chu; Principal: John Curry

Darkness in the City of Lights, by Andrea Perez and Izzabelle Ross (Grade 8), I.S. 141, The Steinway School, Queens. Teacher: Steven Tenaglia; Principal: Miranda Pavlou

The Pawsitive Tablet, by Christian Chambers and Mark Curtis (Grades 8 and 6), P.S. 53 @ 296, District 75, Brooklyn. Teachers: Judith Tantleff-Napoli, Amy Williams; Principal: Heather Leykam

A Playground From the Past, by Mymuna Begum (Grade 10), Brooklyn Technical High School, District 75, Brooklyn. Teacher: Monica Rowley; Principal: Randy Asher

Trip to the Museum, by Raymondy Ciceron (Grade 12), The International High School at Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Teacher: Cynthia Chatman; Principal: Nedda de Castro