Great Mini-Grant Programs

The Next Snowy Day

Jennifer Smith, Teacher
Carlin Springs Elementary School
Arlington, Virginia

Ever wonder what happens to the characters after a book ends? These fourth-graders know the answer: a sequel! An author study of Ezra Jack Keats inspired eight stories about Peter and his friends and family, with titles such as The Leafy Day, The Beachy Day and Peter’s Thanksgiving. But it’s the gorgeous illustrations of patterned-paper collage that best show the creative imagination at work.

The students read The Second Snowy Day, written a year before by third-grade English learners. Then they brainstormed ideas, wrote outlines and worked in groups to write and illustrate their sequels. Some stories detail new adventures, while others envision the characters grown up. Each book is a beautifully illustrated tribute to love and friendship, and especially to Peter and his friends.