Great Mini-Grant Programs

Posters of Latino Professionals

Esmeralda Cruz, Health and Human Sciences Educator
Jeanna Johnson, ELL teacher
Community Schools of Frankfort
Frankfort, Indiana

The CRASH Club (Community Raising and Starting Heroes), which raises awareness of Latino culture, promotes understanding and provides community support and enrichment for children in Frankfort, Indiana, decided to expand its reach with a poster project during Hispanic Heritage Month. The goal was to introduce Latino elementary school students to role models from all over the Americas.

Participating high school students compiled a list of 50 notable Latinos, past and present, with input from the community. Each student researched one person, including pictures, and wrote a summary in English and Spanish. The summaries were reviewed, edited and revised, then were mounted on posters, printed and laminated. Club members made presentations in local elementary schools, and the posters are displayed in schools throughout the community.

The project was an eight-month commitment, during which the older students honed their research and translation skills and were proud to share what they learned with the younger students and their families. As the campaign continues, the positive impact on the community is sure to last far longer.