Bookmaking — FAQ

1. What is the goal of the EJK Bookmaking Competition?

In the words of the New York City Department of Education: “Participation in this competition inspires the creative spirit in students to craft picture books as vehicles for self-expression, encourages the study of the picture book genre, and promotes bookmaking as a career opportunity in the arts.”

2. Who is eligible to enter?

Students, grades 3 through 12, from every school in the city school system. Visual arts teachers, English teachers and librarians working with students in those grades may supervise bookmaking at their school.

3. Is the competition part of the curriculum or an extracurricular activity?

Bookmaking activities are both in classroom and extracurricular, but 10 students must participate with an emphasis on picture book and author studies.

4. How can I participate in the EJK NYC Bookmaking Competition?

Contact for more information.