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The Snowy Day

Viking, 1962

In this Caldecott Award-winning book, a small boy named Peter experiences the joy of a snowy day. First published in 1962, this now-classic book broke the color barrier in mainstream children’s publishing. The vivid and ageless illustrations and text, beloved by several generations of readers, have earned a place in the pantheon of great American children’s literature. In January 2020, New York Public Library revealed that The Snowy Day was the most circulated book in its 125 year history.
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Take a Closer Look

In The Snowy Day we meet Peter for the first time as he explores his familiar world now covered in a blanket of deep, deep snow. Peter puts on his red snowsuit, runs outside to claim every snow drift and mountain as his own. Crunch, crunch, crunch we walk with Peter as he shares every aspect of his experience with us. We hear the sound of the snow, feel the impact of a snowball, share the thrill of sliding down a mountain of snow, and take pride in the building of a snowman. Finally, we can feel his cold wet socks come off, the comfort of the warm bath before bed, and the absolute joy of waking the next morning to a fresh blanket of snow.

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