Tools for Teachers and Librarians

These Virtual and In-Person learning tools were designed to support teachers and librarians who want to use more diverse children’s literature in their classrooms and libraries. With EJK Award and Honor books these guides incorporate the best diverse kidlit into required curriculum. Below you’ll find links to:

  • Book Discussion Guides that develop active and critical reading skills
  • Mock EJK Award lesson plans for both virtual and in-person settings
  • Read Aloud a guide for all age groups

EJK Award Book Discussion Guides

These comprehensive guides are designed to be used with EJK Award and Honor books highlighting four themes (Strong Girls, Immigration and Refugees, Social Justice and Equity, and Community).  Each has questions and activities that will inspire lively conversation and deepen the reading experience. Also provided is a drop down menu of 14 different themes, including the ones above,  for discussions using EJK Award books.

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Mock EJK Award

The Mock EJK Award Toolkits provide guidance for an exciting group activity in which you and your students discuss, evaluate and together make a decision about what eligible books most successfully meet the criteria your group has created for your award.

Developed for In-Person and Virtual learning, the toolkits are based on the real Ezra Jack Keats Award process that celebrates the diversity of our culture and depicts children from the widest spectrum of ethnic groups around the world.

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Read Aloud Tips

Sharing a story aloud, either with one child, a group of children, or a group of teenagers can be a transformative experience for everyone involved. These valuable tip sheets cover both Virtual and In-Person learning techniques. The love of reading begins when we read with babies — and continues to be just as valuable for children who have learned to read independently.

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All of these tools were developed in honor of the 35th anniversary of the EJK Award, by Ramona Caponegro, Director of Educational Programming & Content for the 35th anniversary along with a stellar group of teachers and librarians including Caroline Ward and the team from the Friends School of Baltimore. We thank these educators for sharing their expertise with us and hope their insights will enrich your work with children.