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Up, Up & Away!

Who hasn’t wanted to take off, like Louie in his red plane? Here are some of our favorite children’s characters, old and new, that we love for their high-flying ways. How many can you name? (They are identified at the bottom of the page.)

Air Power

Air force academy
Planes and fancies

Make a Scene

Recycle of life
A trove of dioramas

The Art of Scary

A homemade Halloween
Halloween from A to Z
Pumpkin carving 101


Video answers: Mighty Mouse (Terrytoons) Rocket J. Squirrel (Jay Ward) Snoopy (Warner Bros.) Curious George (Imagine Entertainment) Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse (Walt Disney) Abuela’s granddaughter Rosalba (Doros Animation) Mary Poppins (Walt Disney) • Kiki and Jiji the cat (Studio Ghibli) • Harry Potter (Warner Bros.) • Aladdin and Jasmine (Walt Disney) • Peter Pan, Michael, John and Wendy (Walt Disney) • Buzz Lightyear and Wheezy (Disney/Pixar) • The house in Up (Disney/Pixar) • Dorothy, the Wicked Witch and Toto (MGM). Song: “Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines,” by Ron Goodwin (Miller Music/United Artists)

Fun Fact

Ezra enjoyed making an appearance in several of his stories, and sometimes included a self-portrait in a scene. In The Trip, there is a photograph of Ezra. Can you find it?