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Let It Snow


The Snowy Day, in Real Life

For his audition to study at Denver School of the Arts, aspiring filmmaker Caelen Barr, then 11 years old, made a two-minute film of The Snowy Day. The book had a special meaning to him and his family. Read more

Do You Know Snow?

Crystal clear
Winter wisdom

Fake It!

No Snow? Make your own!
Playdough snow
Two-ingredient snowballs

Smarts ’n’ Crafts

The Snowy Day Collage
Cut-paper collages
Crafty ways to make a flake
Preschool perfection

YouTube Gallery

We love how The Snowy Day can inspire the artist within. Here are some readers’ delightful renditions, to inspire you

Fun Fact

To convey a young child’s sensations in The Snowy Day, Ezra created a visual language with his inventive use of color, pattern and materials. He give Peter’s bedtime a shadowy background by dipping a toothbrush in ink and spattering it across white paper.