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Baby It’s You


Bringing Up Babies

Watch as these intrepid tots meet their tiny siblings—
and take on some challenging chairs

Sibling Revelry

Sure, your little sister or brother may bug you now, but don’t underestimate the important role Sis or Bro will continue to play in your life. April 10 is National Siblings Day, time to show your next of kin some love. Here are some books that may help make a connection between contentious sibs.

Pop Art?

bkue and ping baby shoes-twinsCraft a quick stick chair

Let’s Paint!

bkue and ping baby shoes-twinsBrush up on furniture

Cheers for Chairs!

cheers_for_chairs3 See the colorful results of a schoolwide Mini-Grant project that turned old chairs into art

Color Code

bkue and ping baby shoes-twinsEveryone knows that blue is for boys and pink is for girls—but was it always that way? You’d be surprised to know that, according to an article in Smithsonian Magazine, it used to be the other way around! For hundreds of years babies were traditionally dressed in white, but in 1918 clothing makers decided that the “delicate” color blue best suited girls, and the “stronger” color pink more appropriate for boys. In the 1940s manufacturers reversed the trend, producing goods in pink for girls and blue for boys. Since then, tastes have changed a number of times. Today parents like to make their own decisions about what color is right for their babies. What was your color growing up?

Fun Fact

Peter’s Chair is the only book in which Peter’s father plays a central role. A devoted dad, he helps Peter adjust to his new role in the family, as big brother to a new baby. While Ezra focused on children in his stories, loving parents were never too far away.