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1-2-3 Cactus Cookies

Cactus-shapeTurn your favorite cookie dough into edible cacti! Young children will need an adult to help add the food coloring and cut around the pattern.

  1. Add a few drops of green food coloring (as directed on the package or bottle) to the cookie dough. Work in the coloring with your hands until the dough is evenly green.
  2. Cut out shapes with a cactus cookie cutter. Or print and cut out this pattern piece, place on the dough and cut around it with a small knife. Repeat until all the dough is cut.
  3. After baking and cooling the cookies, use a small, clean paintbrush to dab on light green food coloring as shown on the pattern.

Fun Fact

Many years before Clementina’s Cactus, Ezra took a driving trip through the American Southwest with his close friends the Pope family. The dramatic landscape stayed with him, as did the antics of 6-year-old Deborah Pope, an inspiration for feisty Clementina, and now Executive Director of the EJK Foundation.