Here are more articles and broadcasts covering the 50th anniversary of Keatss childrens classic.






Newsday, Pope: ‘Snowy Day’ broke the color barrier” (3/2/12)



USA Today, “The 100 ‘Greatest Books for Kids’” (2/15/12)





NPR/All Things Considered, “‛’The Snowy Day’: Breaking Color Barriers, Quietly” (1/28/12)




The New York Times, “Homage to a Picture-Book Rebel” (12/8/11)




The Washington Post, “‛Snowy Day,’ with a chance of goofy” (1/26/12)





PRI/The TakeAway, “Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of ‛The Snowy Day’” (1/31/12)






Chicago Tribune, “Simple story had unexpected effects:
Young characters race broke tacit barriers”  (1/13/12)





Boston Parents Paper, “Groundbreaking Children’s Book—‛The Snowy Day’—Turns 50!” (2/12)




Ebony, “History Needn’t Be Boring”  (2/12)




Family Fun, “Snow Kidding!” (2/12)



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