We’ve asked some very recognizable Keats lovers for their memories of growing up
with this childhood classic. Here, Ben Stiller on snow days in New York City.

Growing up in New York in the 1970s, snow was magical. When it came, the city shut down. It became quiet and beautiful. And most of all, No School! For me, reading The Snowy Day as a kid on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, there was an innate connection to Peter in his iconic orange snowsuit, his mom getting him ready for bed, and the impermanence of the snowball he kept in his pocket. All of these images stuck with me my whole life. Keats captured the timelessness of childhood, the way a child makes even an urban landscape into his playground. And mostly the giddy anticipation we all had as kids of hoping that it would snow that night, and what the morning would bring.




The Snowy Day

…& Other Keats Favorites


Ben Stiller,
actor, writer, director:
On snow days
in New York



Whoopi Goldberg,
comedian, actor, talk show host:
On a family favorite

Marisabina R_new

Marisabina Russo, children’s book
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Pat Cummings_new

Pat Cummings,
children’s book
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Dana Tyler of WCBS TV-2 New York

Dana Tyler,
CBS 2 news anchor, reporter:
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Mario Batali_new

Mario Batali,
chef, author, entrepreneur:
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world for kids

Lee Bennett Hopkins_new

Lee Bennett Hopkins
poet, author, anthologist:
On Dreams

2010 july 8 BPL Linda Johnson 089

Linda E. Johnson,
President, Brooklyn Public Library:
On why Keats matters

Roscoe Orman,
actor on “Sesame Street”:
On the magic of
Ezra’s vision


John Hodgman_new

John Hodgman,
author, actor, humorist:
On Keats’s artistry


Tony Marx,
President, New York
Public Library:
On Whistle for Willie


Dr. Rodney Bennett,
President, University of Southern Mississippi:
On Peter’s Chair

Al Roker,
NBC’s Today show:
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Floyd Cooper_new

Floyd Cooper,
children’s book
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Nina Crews,
children’s book
On Over in the Meadow
Martin 150_120

Dr. Martin Pope,

Professor Emeritus
of Chemistry at
New York University:


Simms Taback,
children’s book author-illustrator:
On Ezra’s creative process