Public education is one of the greatest legacies of our country, one that benefits children from every walk of life. For Keats, it was at public school that he received his greatest encouragement to pursue his vocation as an artist. And the public library was a haven that introduced him to the wonders of art history.
To offer a similar experience to new generations, the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation created a funding initiative called EJK Mini-Grants, through which awards of $500 are given to public schools and public libraries for projects that foster creative expression, working together and interaction with a diverse community. They also represent an opportunity for educators, whose efforts are often inadequately funded or recognized, to create special activities outside the standard curriculum and make time to encourage their students.

New! 2015 Update

What’s Different This Year
• New name: EJK Minigrants are now EJK Mini-Grants, for easier web searching.
• More eligible programs: EJK Mini-Grants now fund programs that support the Common Core Standards within the curriculum as well as the kinds of special projects we have always encouraged.
• Earlier report: Final Reports are now due by June 1.

Outstanding Mini-Grant Programs

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2014 EJK Mini-Grant Program

Press Release
2014 Winners
Past Recipients

Application Basics

Who: Public schools, public libraries, public preschool programs
Where: The United States and U.S. commonwealths and territories, including Puerto Rico and Guam
Limit: Only one application per library or school will be considered
Not eligible: Private schools, parochial schools and charter schools

How to Apply

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