Take 8: Maggie and the Pirate

For the love of a pet cricket and his cage, featuring Joanann, Miriam and Maria


Chirp Chirp Chirp!

FUN FACT: This book was originally going to be called ANNIE AND THE PIRATE until a friend of Ezra’s suggested that the title character be named Maggie. Ezra often took suggestions for names from his friends.

Learn How You Can Chirp Too



Curious About Crickets?



Pet crickets and cages

How to make a cricket house

More on cages and care of a pet cricket

Great photos of pet crickets





How their wings make music

Beads and skewers let you chime in with a choir of crickets

Cricket chirper


Color me cricket!

Fun for pre-readers



What, their ears are on their legs?

Cricket fun facts


Science, reading, math, crafts and cooking

Mama Joules

Learning about insects



Singing, sport and celebration

Two millennia of Chinese cricket culture

More Chinese cricket lore

Native American lore (Cricket and Cougar)






Next Up





LOUIE: None of the kids has ever heard Louie speak, until one day, Susie and Roberto put on a puppet show. When the puppet Gussie appears, it’s love at first sight as Louie shouts a joyous “Hello!”


FUN FACT:Ezra often used details from his childhood in his books. Louie was the name of a friend of Ezra’s older brother who was nice to Ezra when he was little. And Gussie is not just a puppet but was the nickname of his mother, Augusta.




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