A Letter to Amy

Ezra wrote Peter into various adventures after The Snowy Day. A Letter to Amy involves a secret letter, a birthday party and a talking parrot! Plus, parrots and other pets, the U.S. mail from A to Zip, letter-writing how-tos and more. And play Special Delivery, in Fun & Games.




In Dreams, it’s late at night and Roberto can’t fall asleep. He spies a dog terrorizing Archie’s cat and accidentally knocks a paper mouse he made in school off the window sill. Down it falls, until its large, menacing shadow scares off the dog. It’s a simple story, but in Ezra’s hands, there’s always something more. Try your hand at Mancala, in Fun & Games.


This gritty, realistic story shows the boys dealing with bullies, making Goggles! a smart reading choice for October, which is National Bullying Prevention Month. We have great links for further discussion, plus forts, hideouts, dogs and goggles. And shoot some balls Off the Wall, at Fun & Games.



Hi, Cat!

When Archie says hi to a stray cat, it sets off a slapstick chain of events that add up to a wonderful character study. Archie is a funny, imaginative boy who puts on a show to entertain his friends, only to have his efforts undone by the mischievous cat. Has he met his match—or his new pet? Plus, ice cream, ice cubes and crafty cats.

jennieshatJennies Hat

What happens when a girl, a hat and a flock of birds get together? A wish is granted and a dream comes true! But with Ezra, it’s never so simple. In Jennie’s Hat, expect a bit of drama, a touch of whimsy, a gesture of friendship, and pages of wonderful art. Plus, birds, animals and their humans, and spring fashions, Keats style! Then go to Fun & Games for a round of Crazy Hats.



John Henry

John Henry, an American Legend, shows a different side of Keats. It is a re-imagining, with bold graphics and language, of this classic tale of heroism and destiny. Plus, folklore, railroad lore and music, inspired by the saga of the steel-driving man. Watch our John Henry animated read-aloud, in Fun & Games.





Kitten for a Day

One of Ezra’s cats-and-dogs stories for beginning readers. A puppy discovers four kittens, who invite him to play. The nearly wordless book follows their adventures with lively illustrations and sound-words that are fun to say out loud. It’s a delightful notion of what pets do when no one’s around, written especially for the tots who love them. Plus, cute kits, playful pups and prehistoric wolves! And play Dot to Dot, in Fun & Games.


Louie is introduced as a silent and lonely child, with sad eyes and an invisible mouth. But when Roberto and Susie put on a puppet show for the neighborhood, Louie suddenly jumps up and shouts “Hello!” to the puppet Gussie. Although it’s the first time they’ve heard him speak, Roberto and Susie recognize love when they see it. Plus, puppet magic, around the world.


overinthemeadow_Over in the Meadow

Ezra’s love of nature was never more evident than in Over in the Meadow, his setting of a child’s counting rhyme that teaches as much about wildlife as about numbers. The meadow, in Ezra’s illustrations, is a busy place, full of colors, sounds and various species mothering their young. Light-hearted and luminous, this book begs to be read out loud. Plus: Aww is for animals, counting and crafts, why we set the clocks ahead, and more.

Pet Show!


In Ezra’s last book about Peter and his gang, it’s his best friend, Archie, who shines. He’s hilariously inventive in his choice of pet and touchingly generous toward an elderly neighbor. Lively and surprising, this is a fun episode in the kids’ lives. Plus, pet companions and champions, cool cats and creepy germs—and do the Pet Show Shuffle! in Fun & Games.


peterschairPeter’s Chair

Ezra’s hero in Peter’s Chair has a new sister—and he’s not happy. How Peter comes to terms with this unwanted development is told and illustrated with understated, wise humor. Plus, tots love babies, home-made chairs, and how pink and blue became baby colors.

regards-man-in-moon-ezra-jack-keats-hardcover-cover-artRegards to the Man in the Moon

Imagination is the hero of Regards to the Man in the Moon. Blast off with a fun quiz, space-age links and a video of Martin Pope (President of the EJK Foundation) sharing behind-the-scenes memories of Ezra and his space odyssey. And play the game Different Strokes, in Fun & Games.




50th-snowy-dayThe Snowy Day

Enjoy a lovely film version by a young filmmaker and the heartwarming family story that inspired it. Plus, snowflakes, fakes and crafts, and more home-made renditions of the classic winter’s tale. Be sure to play The Snowy Day Game, in Fun & Games!





The Trip

Come fly with shy Louie as he finds an imaginative way to keep old friends close after his family moves away. Keats conjures up a daydream that’s perfect for Halloween night. Plus, crafty projects and favorite fliers—and play Trip Your Memory, in Fun & Games.




Whistle for Willie

If you love The Snowy Day, you’ll want to discover Whistle for Willie. Find out why this tale of Peter and his dog is one of Ezra’s most popular titles. Plus, learn why it’s fun to whistle, why dachshunds like Willie are a kid’s best friend, and why spinning makes you dizzy!