As a storyteller, Ezra Jack Keats is synonymous with celebrating the world of children, where the reality of everydayness meets the realm of imagination. In his books, life is full of pleasure, disappointment, hope and accomplishment, like a snowball in the pocket on a snowy day.

Perhaps one or two of Ezra’s books brought you here today…if so, you are in for a treat! When you sample a few unfamiliar Keats titles, we’re certain you’ll find a few more favorites.


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A Word About Purchasing Books

Ezra’s books are currently published by Viking, and are available at bookstores as well as online. Those that are listed here as out of print, plus many of the older titles illustrated by Ezra, can also be found online—at giant retailers and (links to both are provided throughout the website) and at outlets that specialize in hard-to-find books, such as and
We strongly support independent bookstores, yet are grateful to online retailers for offering vintage editions that keep authors available to the public.