Ezra Jack Keats continues to be a classroom favorite. In addition to his own work, there are biographies, curriculum guides, articles, websites and more—many can be found in Resources (at right). And Teacher Features (below) offers creative, easy-to-follow Keats lesson plans designed especially for busy teachers. Whether doing a comprehensive author study or reading just one book to the class, you can find everything you need to use Ezra in school.

Keats & the Common Core

kids2a-cropThe Common Core State Standards provide a framework for students to develop the ability to read and think critically and for teachers to measure student progress. The CCSS focus on what students need to learn; how is up to their teachers.

The Books of Ezra Jack Keats

Keats’s books have long been used to teach visual and language literacy to grades K–4 and beyond. The stories can be easily understood by young readers and explored at increasing levels of complexity in higher grades.
Keats was instrumental in breaking the color barrier in children’s books, beginning with The Snowy Day, which was awarded the Caldecott Medal in 1963.
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Teacher Features

KindergartenClassPresenting a selection of creative, adaptable lesson plans: Each focuses on a single Keats book, and adds a little something extra—a video, an interview, an art display or helpful links. The lessons can be used in tandem with a game, read-aloud and activities inspired by the same book. It’s a triple play for teaching Keats!
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New! Just for Kids

An eight-page biography of
Ezra, with illustrations and
vintage photographs


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