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In 1962, The Snowy Day was revolutionary, ushering in an era of cultural and artistic change in children’s books still apparent today. Its vibrant colors, cut-paper collages and graphic style brilliantly convey the sensations felt by young children. That Peter, the central character, was African-American and living in a crowded city offered an experience that was new to children’s books, yet familiar to any child who has ever played in the snow. Ezra Jack Keats had a way of seeing through a child’s eyes, enchanting readers the world over with a gentle tale as fresh today as it was more than 50 years ago.

Peter on Parade

The honorary “Christmas Mother” and her “elves” rode an eye-catching float in the Richmond, Virginia, Christmas Parade: To spread its literacy message, the trolley was decked out in artwork from The Snowy Day!

From left: Meg Medina, 2011 EJK New Writer, and Maya Smart, 2014 Christmas Mother; and the float, back and front.

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Wow, You Don’t Look 50!

The 50th anniversary of The Snowy Day was celebrated around the U.S. and abroad, with concerts, festivals and more.
The anniversary made headlines, as major media outlets reported on Ezra’s enduring impact and influence.

The Inspiration

“Years ago, long before I ever thought of doing children’s books, while looking through a magazine I came upon four candid photos of a little boy about three or four years old. His expressive face, his body attitudes, the very way he wore his clothes, totally captivated me. I clipped the strip of photos and stuck it on my studio wall….
“I can honestly say that Peter came into being because we wanted him; and I hope that, as the Scriptures say, ‘a little child shall lead them,’ and that he will show in his own way the wisdom of a pure heart.”
caldecott-medal—From Ezras Caldecott Award acceptance speech, 1963


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